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Customer Reviews

Patients Love Me!

I had been having real bad heartburn to the point I was eating rolaids like candy! I couldn’t sleep at night and was always scared of what to eat. I had been going to Naomi for a few years for massages (amazing btw) and she mentioned that body talk may help with the heartburn. I set up a session and wow what a difference! I have been heartburn free for about three months now and counting! I am back to eating what I want and haven’t touched rolaids or any other medicine for heartburn! Five stars for Naomi and body talk! I highly recommend body talk and Naomi to anyone!

Mario Rodriguez

I got a body talk session from Naomi at 32 weeks pregnant because I was having persistent heartburn and other pregnancy issues, it was the least invasive treatment for me and seems to be the most effective so far! I didn’t even tell her the issues I was experiencing and she immediately picked up on them and did a cellular repair and I swear within a couple days they all resolved themselves, I had tried lots of supplements and change of diet and nothing was working. I’m very impressed! I think this is great for pregnant women especially because they’re so vulnerable and need the least invasive treatments. I highly recommend her!

Elisse Garner

I am very thankful to Elaine, whom I had 2 Bodytalk sessions with on Skype. One of the issues I needed help with is fluid retention. Well, after 2 sessions that definately has improved and I am very happy with that. You also improved the settings so I will get a thicker protection layer in my intestines. A problem many people have without knowing, some even have a leaky gut that can cause a lot of health problems. I find Elaine a very good practicioner, calm and intuitive and I can recommend her to anyone with health issues and more. The Bodytalk system was new to me but is wonderful and you will be surprised of what comes up during sessions and what it can help healing.

Bianca Oude Luttikhuis

In the last few months, I have had four sessions with Naomi and am grateful I found her and Body Talk. She is highly intuitive and got to the bottom of a few physical issues I had and has balanced them out in my being. I was dealing with iron levels and digestion, headaches, and these areas have been cleared up. I highly recommend Naomi and her skills using Body Talk and will continue to work with her over the next few months.

Penelope Ryder

I have had a number of orthopedic injuries over the years.  I still try and maintain a high level of activity.  Naomi is the best message therapist I have ever worked with.  I see her regularly to maintain optimum use of my body.  She really does a great job and she goes out of her way to address my problem areas and since I have been working with her the majority of my physical problems have subsided.

John Casey

Hands down (no pun intended) the best massage I have ever had. Professional, punctual, caring, light hearted, easy going personality is well blended with an obviously great knowledge and skill in what she is doing.  I felt comfortable, relaxed and strangely invigorated during and after.  5 stars.  Are there 6?

Scott M.

I have had allergies every year since I've been to Sacramento! Nothing worked for me so I figured I'd give body talk a try. This was the best decision I've made!! I'm now able to go out in this beautiful weather and not have to wear a mask or taking any allergy pills that didn't really work!! I've no idea how Elaine was able to activate my immune system to easy up on my allergies that well!! Thank you again!!!

Daniel H.

I went to Conscious Healing because my 7-month-old son was presenting some strange neurological issues that concerned me, but I didn’t want to run to the doctor when it didn’t appear life threatening or of any major concern. I always want to try the least invasive method of treatment first. I also have received my own body talk sessions from Conscious Healing and had great results in the past so I felt confident that this would be effective. We did two, 1 hour sessions over Skype and they were so easy and fun for my son! I am pleased to report that all of his symptoms have totally abated, too. He’s doing so good and seems very calm. 
I lovingly refer to her body talk sessions now as “baby-talk” sessions. We have a lot of fun and love the results. 
Thank you for helping my family heal,  multigenerationally now!

Elisse Garner

Just got a massage with Elaine. Seriously the best massage I've ever gotten, hands down. I'm actually a 5 star rated massage therapist myself, so my bar is really high, and I was really impressed. Elaine is super detailed and will find your trouble zones and work them out with very advanced and skilled techniques. She has perfect pressure and it is just hard enough to be very effective without hurting too much. I learned a lot about my body and where my holding patterns are. Really awesome! Definitely worth it! Going to try her body talk session next!

Mary P.

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I had my first call with Naomi a little over a month ago. During the first call she was able to tap into things that I could never have imagined would have come up. She had a true gift and is so in tune with your body. 

Even though we are on opposite sides of the states she was able to connect with me and preform her gift.

During the call as I was in her mind space she was calling things and taking notes on things that needed corrected, or released. After that first call I felt a shift I felt things begin to move and change. Hormones, parasites, weight. You name it, things shifted. 

I’ve had two more calls since the first and I can honestly say that each time, things continue to get better. My body is actually healing. For a girl who is hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue or adrenal domination, hormonal weight gain, and plagued by a lot health problems, I feel like I’m on the right track. I don’t have to take all the 100 expensive supplements I was taking. 

I’m thankful for Naomi and her expertise, her gift. She is an actual day healer.

Angela Poulson

After going to an Expo and meeting Elaine my life has transformed. I used to not be able to work out without feeling nauseous and weak. As I had Lyme Disease at the age of 22 and it took my immune system down. After the first appointment with Elaine, Body Talk, I always have energy and have been working out without feeling nauseous or exhausted. I don’t get sick often as before. I highly recommend Elaine’s attentive care and professionalism. 

Alma Vicenty

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