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Who I Am and What I Do

I found body talk after a health collapse of my own when I was twenty one, I searched all over for answers and solutions, including from western medicine. When none were forthcoming, I tried body talk, and life has never been the same. I went from bed ridden to walking again, and with each session peeled back to a deeper layer of the consciousness aspects which contributed to my body's breakdown. 


I became fascinated with Psycho-endocrine-neuro-immunology and how our lives, thoughts, and feelings all impact our biology. As we address the whole person, we can heal - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Every area of life can be improved. Body Talk didn't make sense to me at first, but the results speak for themselves: the work has been enormously effective, and that is what matters. In addition to the sheer amount of personal growth I've achieved through working with this amazing modality over the years. 


I've been working in the healing field as a massage therapist since 2013, and have been studying and practicing Body Talk since 2010. In addition I have studied and become certified in E.F.T (Emotional Freedom technique), Herbology, Psychology, Lymphatics, Nutrition, Subconscious reprogramming and many other subjects related to this field. 


I specialize in working with trauma, stress, epigenetics, gastrointestinal issues, nervous system dysregulation, chronic health issues, lyme, chronic fatigue syndrome, limbic system impairment, microbiome imbalances and their impact on the immune system, allergies, detoxification, and skin disorders. Otherwise my work in the Quantum with these amazing modalities has branched out into optimizing relationships, clearing limiting beliefs and ancestral karmic and epigenetic patterns; manifesting jobs or business opportunities, and working on peoples loved ones through surrogacy work. I've learned that one minute in the quantum is the equivalent to years of slogging away in terms of results we can achieve. 


Due to my own healing journey I've learned an inordinate amount about the body mind complex/connection, what it takes to heal and become and energy medicine healer and subconscious seer in the process.

It's my greatest joy and pleasure to share this with the world, because it is life changing. I love that with body talk we can discover root causes and address them versus merely masking symptoms. 

The better we are, the better we can be for the world. As such, this work is not only healing yourself, but everyone's lives that you touch. 


I offer fully remote, skype/zoom, FaceTime, or audio only/phone sessions & use voxer for monthly containers so you get more access to me along with recordings to re listen to sessions. 


Classes taken: 

Over 32 classes through the IBA including, Fundamentals Module 1 and 2; Module 3 Principles of Consciousness, Module 6 Macrocosmic Body Mind; Module 9 Matrix Dynamics; Advanced Body Talk Protocol and Procedure; Body Ecology on the latest science on our microbiomes; Epigenetics; Advanced Epigenetics; Mindscape; Hormones and Neurotransmitters; Body Talk fundamentals Integration; Body Talk Access and currently taking Pa-Rama in addition to courses outside of the IBA on Autonomic Nervous System Regulation, The Vagus Nerve, Neuro- Linguistic Programing, Lymphatics, Limbic system re-wiring, Herbology, Emotional Freedom Technique, & Subconscious Belief Reprogramming via PSYCH-K: Level 1; Basic Workshop; Advanced Integration; The Health and Well Being Program, & PSYCH-K Level 2. In addition to studying GHK/German New Medicine and newly added Body Intuitive Focus & Elemental Resets which combines the best of Chinese Medicine and Western medicine in a mind-body medical system under Dr. Laura Stuve's tutelage. Plus Epigenetics 3 for long covid strategies; cancer; anti aging; Mitochondrial boosting; Stem cell and Telomere lengthening; Neuroinflammation, and Circadian Rhythm Optimizing for those jet setters.

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