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Customer Reviews

I’ve been seeing Elaine for about 6 months and there have been remarkable changes in
how I feel and in my outlook on life. The changes have been significant but at the same
time feel subtle and natural. At the start I felt old, sad, and without much hope for the
future. I now feel more energetic and loving and I do feel hopeful. My husband and my
friends (who don’t know about my work with Elaine) have commented more than once
that I seem happier, lighter, more positive! This doesn’t seem to be a short term or
temporary improvement – subsequent sessions are reinforcing earlier changes. An
example of one exciting change that has happened without the issue even being
brought up in a session. I’m in my 70’s and had started feeling less confident driving –
slower reflexes, not as alert, not seeing as clearly. But that’s gone! I have confidence
again, I feel on top of what is happening around me, my response time is faster. This
was so unexpected – a seeming by product of the other work I’m doing. I can only say
that in addition to being a compassionate and supportive listener - Elaine is a true
energy artist as she weaves together all of these healing modalities.


Where do I begin?
Many times I have said to her, "I don't really understand what you're doing, I just know it works." Take today for example: I've been suffering from excruciating back pain for almost a week now. I'm off work today because I was in so much pain I thought I was going to vomit. But while lying on my back, she talked to me on the phone, told me to tap here, tap there, move your eyes to the right, now to the left, things like that. Then when we were all done, I stood up with ease, and the pain is gone! I can't believe it! I'm still stunned.
This was the first time she worked on a physical ailment. Usually she just asks me how I'm doing, how was my week. I tell her and then we agree on what we want to work on. She does some tapping on my wrist (muscle testing) and determines the root of the problem, then treats it. I've had sessions where I don't feel anything. Other times she moves her hands around and I can feel something (the energy) moving around. Sometimes after a session, I go home and it seems like I just came back from a pleasant visit with a friend. Other times I have come home and felt like I just went through an intense therapy session. Except it was a therapy session without talking. There is such a big shift in me, its monumental.
Again, I don't understand it completely, but I know it's made a huge difference in my life. I believe it is healing on many levels and deep growth at a pace I could not have achieved on my own in the same amount of time.
If you're thinking of utilizing her services, I'd say it will probably be one of the most profoundly impactful things you will ever do. I know that sounds dramatic, but that is truly my opinion. Whether its a one time visit or regular visits, it shifts the course of your energy and that changes the course of your life.


Through a series of events I found my way to Conscious Healing for a Body Talk session. It's hard to explain what a Body Talk session is (go to her website) but I would summarize it as quantum healing of physical and emotional wounds. Oftentimes it's things you couldn't identify or put a label to until she pinpoints it. And then she runs some processes on you and it's healed and you walk out of there feeling lighter because you can actually feel that issue has been released. We've all had trauma in our lives. Over time we adapt with negative belief systems. But your beliefs create the boundaries of what we can or cannot have in life. My sessions with Elaine are slowly chipping away at those mental and emotional boundaries and the proof is in the miraculous changes and opportunities in my life. Those things that "never happen to me" are now happening to ME. And the best part about all this is that it doesn't require gut wrenching talk therapy or daily mental exercises. You just relax into the Body Talk session and it produces results.
I was just telling her that I could write a review for her every week with all the things that keep happening as a result of our sessions.
It seems we do a session on a topic and then Boom! The next day I'm living life as someone who doesn't have that issue and things flow into my life that weren't possible before. That's just how life changing this is.

And on top of all this, Elaine is the best! She's clearly at the top of her field. And she works with such expertise, professionalism, and kindness, that it's easy to relax and trust her. Most of my session is spent in awe of her and pretty much in a state of disbelief. It's still hard to take in that this process exists, that is does work, and how easy it is. My mind is not over being blown yet. Lol

Julianne H.

I have anxiety for almost three years , and I wanted to try something holistic . Elaine s body talk session was amazing ! I felt really calm after the session, and I can’t wait to see her next month.

Cindy Su

For over a year and a half, I have suffered from irregular heartbeats, food sensitivities, insomnia, bloating, and chronic digestive issues. Other than tons of tests eliminating the possibility of an abnormal heart and prescriptions for medications that had plenty of side effects, the allopathic medical community was of little help. I then sought naturopathic and herbal help, which seemed to treat symptoms but not eliminate them. Acupuncture was next, which reduced gut inflammation and strengthened the heart. However, other symptoms persisted.

In desperation, I sought other possible healing modalities, coming across BodyTalk. My two appointments with Elaine Bouchard have taken care of the bloating, food sensitivities, digestive issues, and insomnia. I am absolutely grateful to Elaine for not only her knowledge from many years of study and practice, but also her compassionate and understanding nature. I actually felt heard, rather than dismissed as I had with allopathic medical doctors.

I do not fully understand how BodyTalk works, but it DOES and I am thankful for it. (I do not exactly understand electricity or how computers work either, but I am thankful to have them as well! I don’t actually understand life for that matter!) All I can say is that BodyTalk is amazing and I am grateful for such a caring and gifted practitioner as Elaine.

Cindy Hastings

I visit Elaine for regular sessions, I have enjoyed working with her, her intuition is spot on and each session has been very powerful for me. In my last session she asked me “if anything could be better”, I laughed and said “my baby could be sleeping better but thats about it”. So she spent some time working on my little one through me. That night he slept the whole night through again and then again the next night. His sleep seems to be getting back to his normal hours and I am so thankful!!

Katlyn Bosnich Matic

Working with Elaine has been a huge blessing in my life. Her mix of modalities flows seamlessly and I'm especially amazed by the accuracy of the inherited genetic information that presents. How fascinating that beliefs from my ancestors are informing my health on a cellular level now! I've done a lot of work around my 'issues' over the years - from EMDR to acupuncture to Ayurveda to hypnotherapy to naturopathic medicine - and Elaine's formula is the most comprehensive and effective that I've ever found. The way she expertly connects with my body's wisdom takes these healing sessions to the next level. On top of being incredibly knowledgeable, her energy is very peaceful and inviting. I felt instantly comfortable with her and am able to share freely without any judgment from her, which has not always been my experience with other practitioners. These sessions with her have been a vital part of my journey and I can finally say that I've experienced real change on a deep, subconscious and cellular level after a lifetime of battling disordered eating. I cannot recommend her powerful work highly enough!

Andrea Pacini Baynham

My daughter referred me to Elaine in 2021 and I’ve been going to her faithfully each month. All I can say is she’s a MASTER at her work!!!💯 ❤️ I Love her kindness and ability to TAP in to our body and explain what the Body & Soul are asking for. I never leave disappointed and I’m always excited for our next appointment together.

On one of my most recent visits I was experiencing a cough that I’ve had for almost a year off and on. It was getting worse with weather changes and I could not get rid of it… Even after seeing my medical doctor. My doctor only wanted to prescribe a prescription which would not take care of the source of the problem. So of course I brought this to Elaine and immediately after our session my coughing started to Diminish! 😃 within a few days I had stopped coughing completely!!! It is now a month later and I have not coughed at all even with all the crazy weather changes. She’s a AMAZING!!! All of my sessions with her are Fantastic and helping me while on my Healing Journey

Roxanne Woods

Elaine has cured numerous ailments that I was dealing with, one specifically was my severe sudden hair loss, literally days after our appointment my shedding completely stopped and now I have a ton of regrowth, (I was almost bald). She’s helped my children too, she helped heal my daughter’s stomach ulcer and even treated my son for his sudden onset seizures and afterwards they miraculously stopped!!! I always go to see Elaine FIRST before going to the doctor since she’s helped me so much it’s honestly incredible. And, she’s fantastic massage therapist to boot :) love, love, love Elaine. True miracle healer.

Joy E Garner

Life changing! Thank you Elaine for being so compassionate, knowledgeable and caring towards every patient. You honestly make us feel important and not only that but help us heal quickly. Love how you are always learning new techniques to expand your practice and help us mentally, physically and spiritually.

Alma Vicenty

Thank you so much Elaine for everything you have done for me!! My gut health has improved tremendously!! I have suffered with gut health my entire life, and you have helped me way more than my actual doctor! With each session I feel a huge shift within myself! I feel lighter and more aligned. And more focused! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me!

Phalyn Woods

Elaine was referred to me by a friend, after I sustained injury after injury and I was starting to feel really drained. Elaine was able to schedule me in fairly quickly and was so easy to talk to. I didn't have to explain much she picked up on what was going on with my body and did her healing! Elaine is very genuine and personable. I can't thank her enough for making me feel 100 times better and cleaning my energy. She will be someone I visit for years to come!

Mun Gosal

Whatever you did to me, my IBS is gone! Regular, once a day from day one! Thank you! And also I'm not depressed that I can't eat certain foods too! That is gone. I don't seem to have my old sweet craving like before. Wow.

will remain anonymous

Elaine is a truly gifted Body Talk and energy practitioner. At my very first session she tuned into a very deep unresolved family issue and guided me through a stunning healing process. I felt a tremendous weight was lifted from my psyche. I feel safe and trust her. She has been such an invaluable part of my healing journey. I highly recommend her to everyone!

Michele Fleury-DiFranco

Elaine is an incredible BodyTalk practitioner. I have been working with Elaine for 3 months now and will continue working with her because the results are outstanding. Ten years ago, my lungs were damaged. When I would catch a cold, congestion would go to my lungs and cause bronchitis. About 5 years ago, we started experiencing a new season where I live – wildfire smoke season. The smoke would cover the area for a month. When the smoke got heavy, congestion would fill my lungs. I would talk with a hoarse voice and cough up phlegm. This would last until I would get a cold in the winter. The cold would turn into bronchitis, my immune system would kick in and clear up the bronchitis, and the problem in my lungs would be resolved. The next year, when wildfire smoke season came back, this cycle would repeat. A month ago, I started having congestion in my lungs. Oddly enough, the wildfire smoke season had begun but I wasn’t aware of that yet. Elaine worked on my lungs and the congestion cleared up. The next day I found out wildfire smoke season was happening. The smoke came pouring in. Now we have had wildfire smoke season for a month and I am having no problems with my lungs!! I was just talking with my neighbor yesterday who was telling me how much her lungs are bothering her due to the smoke. Not me!! I went for a walk this morning. At the end of the walk I was starting to feel congestion in my lungs. Now, a couple of hours later, my lungs are fine. They are healing themselves!! Elaine is a kind, smart, compassionate person who is easy to talk to and quite skilled at her craft. I would highly recommend Elaine and the BodyTalk system.


I've been seeing Elaine for over a year now and her sessions have made a huge difference in my healing process. I suffer from an autoimmune disease that causes incredible physical and mental distress. Body talk with Elaine has given me hope that I can bounce back, and despite bumps and setbacks, I can clearly see an improvement in my condition from a year ago.
I intend on seeing her for as long as I can, and highly recommend you see for yourself how helpful and healing the sessions can be!

Jessica V.

I knew nothing about Body Talk when I got started with it.  But the results I've had are amazing.  I arrived a depressed woman with a long list of physical complaints.   But after only a few sessions I am happy and healthy. I wake up with a song in my heart. I can eat foods previously indigestible. And sleep each night is deep and refreshing.  I gladly give up the need to figure it out. And reccomend it enthusiastically. Elaine does such a good job with it! 

Prefers to be anonymous 

After going to an Expo and meeting Elaine my life has transformed. I used to not be able to work out without feeling nauseous and weak. As I had Lyme Disease at the age of 22 and it took my immune system down. After the first appointment with Elaine, Body Talk, I always have energy and have been working out without feeling nauseous or exhausted. I don’t get sick often as before. I highly recommend Elaine’s attentive care and professionalism.

Alma Vicenty

I had my first call with Naomi a little over a month ago. During the first call she was able to tap into things that I could never have imagined would have come up. She had a true gift and is so in tune with your body.
Even though we are on opposite sides of the states she was able to connect with me and preform her gift.

During the call as I was in her mind space she was calling things and taking notes on things that needed corrected, or released. After that first call I felt a shift I felt things begin to move and change. Hormones, parasites, weight. You name it, things shifted.

I’ve had two more calls since the first and I can honestly say that each time, things continue to get better. My body is actually healing. For a girl who is hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue or adrenal domination, hormonal weight gain, and plagued by a lot health problems, I feel like I’m on the right track. I don’t have to take all the 100 expensive supplements I was taking.

I’m thankful for Naomi and her expertise, her gift. She is an actual day healer.

Angela Poulson

I had been having real bad heartburn to the point I was eating rolaids like candy! I couldn’t sleep at night and was always scared of what to eat. I had been going to Naomi for a few years for massages (amazing btw) and she mentioned that body talk may help with the heartburn. I set up a session and wow what a difference! I have been heartburn free for about three months now and counting! I am back to eating what I want and haven’t touched rolaids or any other medicine for heartburn! Five stars for Naomi and body talk! I highly recommend body talk and Naomi to anyone!

Mario Rodriguez

I got a body talk session from Naomi at 32 weeks pregnant because I was having persistent heartburn and other pregnancy issues, it was the least invasive treatment for me and seems to be the most effective so far! I didn’t even tell her the issues I was experiencing and she immediately picked up on them and did a cellular repair and I swear within a couple days they all resolved themselves, I had tried lots of supplements and change of diet and nothing was working. I’m very impressed! I think this is great for pregnant women especially because they’re so vulnerable and need the least invasive treatments. I highly recommend her!

Elisse Garner

I am very thankful to Elaine, whom I had 2 Bodytalk sessions with on Skype. One of the issues I needed help with is fluid retention. Well, after 2 sessions that definately has improved and I am very happy with that. You also improved the settings so I will get a thicker protection layer in my intestines. A problem many people have without knowing, some even have a leaky gut that can cause a lot of health problems. I find Elaine a very good practicioner, calm and intuitive and I can recommend her to anyone with health issues and more. The Bodytalk system was new to me but is wonderful and you will be surprised of what comes up during sessions and what it can help healing.

Bianca Oude Luttikhuis

In the last few months, I have had four sessions with Naomi and am grateful I found her and Body Talk. She is highly intuitive and got to the bottom of a few physical issues I had and has balanced them out in my being. I was dealing with iron levels and digestion, headaches, and these areas have been cleared up. I highly recommend Naomi and her skills using Body Talk and will continue to work with her over the next few months.

Penelope Ryder

I have had a number of orthopedic injuries over the years. I still try and maintain a high level of activity. Naomi is the best message therapist I have ever worked with. I see her regularly to maintain optimum use of my body. She really does a great job and she goes out of her way to address my problem areas and since I have been working with her the majority of my physical problems have subsided.

John Casey

Hands down (no pun intended) the best massage I have ever had. Professional, punctual, caring, light hearted, easy going personality is well blended with an obviously great knowledge and skill in what she is doing. I felt comfortable, relaxed and strangely invigorated during and after. 5 stars. Are there 6?

Scott M.

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