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Conscious Healing

A Natural Approach to Healing

Homemade Remedies

How distance healing works; quantum/holistic healing; healing vaccine injury to book body talk sessions. for Joy Garners site.

Kitty Martone’s Podcast “Stuff your doctor should know” interview


Does your body talk? Do you get the reference to the Olivia Newton John song, 'let's get physical', or am I just dating myself?


Elaine offers body talk, which is whole healthcare designed to unearth causative factors to dis-ease, and optimize the bodies own ability to heal itself rapidly. Our cells are constantly renewing, which offers amazing implications for our healing potential, once root causes are addressed.

Listen to the full podcast here.

In here I do a quick explanation of how to open up the six lymph node roads before you do your lymphatic drainage work via dry skin brushing, rebounding, etc. This is a quick daily maintenance technique that anyone can do.

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