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A new way to work with me.

Here’s a new way to work with me because I want to support you the best way I can.

I'm adding monthly containers in voxer where we can cover the breadth and depth.

So when you need tune ups after sessions (because life happens), I’m there to keep sessions running and expanding.

Not only will you get the downloads from the session but you’re going to have me in your back pocket for any questions, tune up’s, adjunct lifestyle modifications or nervous system regulation help from someone who understands you on the deep subconscious level and can intuitively guide whatever is in your highest good and whatever your body mind is calling out for attention on the journey to tweak to keep healing and evolving.

I see a lot of confusion post sessions, especially with those just starting the healing journey and with over a decade of experience I can shorten the learning curve by being easily accessible.

Imagine having a huge shift or burst of clarity and having me in your back pocket to work through the daily challenges and adjunct things to tweak ( be they ancestral memories, past life stuff, epigenetic markers, diet, supplement, lifestyle, relational, mental, emotional and subconscious tune ups, education and holding space for anything and everything that can come up post sessions?

When you have lifestyle modification and environmental support or homework to do, I can guide you intuitively on those important adjuncts. Be it nervous system regulation tools, dietary or supplemental advice, herbalism, subconscious reprogramming, energy healing, ancestral healing, microbial balances, etc.

I believe that healing is multi faceted and doesn’t occur in a vacuum. I see limits in the amount of progress we can make with just one off sessions and I want to be there to hold your hand through the shifts so that we can really move mountains in a short amount of time and address all of the factors contributing to anything we’re working on.

With some of my own experiences with all the healing work I’ve done over the last decade now, I’ve had a ton of transformations over night. But I've also been very disheartened by the lack of ability to ground certain changes in with a dysregulated nervous system and a lot of ongoing environmental stressors without education and integration support post sessions.

See, I had a lot of trauma to over come and despite “doing the work”, my nervous system was never able to hold certain changes without a lot of ongoing help, and I didn’t always understand what was happening when I’d feel AMAZING after a session and then feel like death a day later. Which I later discovered were limbic brain kickbacks & subconscious blocks to maintaining that high of a vibration cellularly.

I most certainly didn’t know which supplements to take, products to use, or foods to eat until I had a practitioner intuitively guide me given my unique physiology on what was ideal and when.

I was just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something stuck (I wasted a LOT of money on expensive products that weren’t actually suitable for MY unique system and tried every diet & detox that exists) until I got the muscle testing needed to use the right ones.

I’d often struggle with integrating the huge bursts of clarity and healing shifts I had into my day to day life as well.

I’d feel them, and then lose them because my limbic brain didn’t like that much change that fast, and then I’d beat up on myself for it not being “as easy” as the other healers in the field. I also needed a safe container to keep spiraling upward.

This was just me, and I'd say about 1% of the people I work with.

But this is why I really want to be there to support you in actually integrating the changes and guide you on all the ancillary supports you will need in between sessions.

This is the best way to get a quantum leap in a short amount of time that lasts.

There is no one size fits all program or healing protocol which is why spaces are limited because I’ll be devoting a lot of presence to each person in order to comprehensively serve your various needs. I’ll only be accepting 5 spots a month for this new optio


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